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Published by iveyzoellers

Ivey Zoellers is a Missouri artist local to the K.C. Metro area. She graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2012 upon receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and again in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education. Her mission is to seek out opportunities centered around painting and teaching others how to paint. Much of her current work features the autonomy of birds conveyed through the application of bright and expressive colors with bold marks aiming to represent the fluttery movement of flight. Ivey Zoellers works as a professional art instructor and art advocate at Got Art Gallery in Historic Downtown Lee's Summit. She frequently has her work on display across Central Missouri open to the public at various venues ranging from curated spaces within small businesses to solo exhibitions at larger prolific galleries. You can see more of her work and daily studio life on Instagram by following @ivey.zoellers.art .

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